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Before watching this video or reading my comments, please know that the subject of both is self-harm/self-mutilation/self-scarring. If those subjects trigger you, do not read/watch.

This is a video of Misha at VanCon. A fan asked Misha if he had any scars with interesting stories, and he revealed that he had a few. One of the few he talked about is the word “Why” on his calf, which he carved there himself at thirteen. 

If you watch the video, you’ll see that the audience gasps when he speaks of his self-harming habit. He lets out this pained laugh as he goes in to explain the “Why” scar, and it’s really obvious that he’s trying to make light of something that really affected his life. Which is completely natural. Misha is the type of guy who doesn’t want to break down in front of his fans. The only time (that I know of) that Misha cried in front of fans was when he told them of how he got engaged to his beautiful wife, and he expressed dislike for it then.

So we know he’s hiding his pain. It’s clear. But even then…

The crowd laughs when he finishes his sentence.

You could acute part of the laughter to shock. “Misha’s laughing about it, so should I laugh, too?” While the bits about the peace sign and his brother accidentally nicking his hand might be more lighthearted, more innocent, two young boys deciding to give themselves the equivalent of tattoos (we honestly can’t be sure), the “Why” one definitely isn’t funny. 

But seriously. The laughter as a whole makes me sick. Again, it could have been shock, but nonetheless.

You might think that I’m blowing this out of proportion. And maybe I am. But I feel like Misha was really hurt up there thinking of that scar, and the crowd totally missed it. And that saddens me.

This little fuck face just tried to tell me our school needs an entire new gym instead of a new stage floor.
Let me tell you a fucking thing.
The sports department is catered to, its every wish granted. We just got a new floor and bleachers in the gym a couple years ago. A couple of the teams even got new uniforms out of the blue.
On the other hand, in band, we are working with decade old instruments and out of date uniforms. We had to beg for years to get new carpet in the band room. The PMA had to pay for our new risers. The stage floor will give you splinters when you walk across it shoeless (which I found out when my character for the musical was shoeless).
And all of this is purely material and expenses. Don’t even get me started on how the arts are treated compared to sports. We are treated like a side show, not even worth anyone’s time. A burden, even.
So, little fuck face, yes, I am mad. I’m mad at you, and everyone else who has decided that the arts aren’t worth shit.

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